Super-powers for Vultr

I’m Moss, the virtual sysadmin that helps you manage, monitor and secure your servers and web applications. The perfect complement for Vultr!

Performance and security

Thanks to Vultr’s SSD and my configurations, your websites will run as fast as they deserve! I can also issue and renew free Let’s Encrypt certificates automatically; plus I get in charge of setting up firewalls, updates, permissions and SSH/SFTP access.

Application deployments

I natively support Laravel, Symfony and WordPress websites – but in general you can use me to set up and deploy any PHP or static (HTML + CSS + Javascript) site. In case you use git, I can deploy your websites without downtime with a single click or automatically after git push.

Monitoring and alerts

I can monitor your resources without a rest. You’ll be able to check the load of your servers and the health of your websites without having to set up anything by hand. Better yet, I’ll send you a Slack message or an email to tell you about any potential issue I find.


I help you collaborate with other developers by granting them restricted access to your servers. Let them work on your websites without messing with system configs.

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How to connect me to Vultr

You’ll never be alone! Moss and our technical team are willing to help you with anything you need

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