Looking for a ServerPilot alternative?
Meet Moss.

Moss helps you launch, set up, manage and monitor your servers and websites easily. Take advantage of our flat rates for unlimited managed servers, websites, deployments and teammates.

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Great integrations

Moss integrates with your favorite tools and providers

  • Launch new servers on Amazon, DigitalOcean, Google or Vultr right from Moss - he deals with the gory details
  • Import fresh Linux servers on any other provider
  • Link your GitHub or Bitbucket account and let Moss deploy your applications on-demand or automatically without downtime
  • Connect with your Slack account to receive notifications and alerts
  • Stay tuned for oncoming integrations :-)

Zero-config monitoring & alerts

Moss monitors all your servers and websites on your behalf

  • Collect cpu, memory, filesystem and i-node usage metrics
  • Run periodic health-checks for your websites
  • Get notified via email or Slack when a server or website is down
  • Receive an alert before a server runs out of resources

Additional benefits

Not convinced yet? Check out this!

  • Team support - collaborate with other colleagues easily
  • Automatic Let’s Encrypt certificate issuance and renewal in all plans
  • Firewall configuration
  • HTTP/2 in all your websites
  • One-click installation of WordPress, Redis, Memcached, Postfix, and more
  • No custom packages, just standard software to minimize lock-in

Manage your VPS and Cloud Servers with Moss

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“Since the private beta, I've been managing my servers and websites with Moss to check their health and deploy easily :)”

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