Manage your websites and servers with Moss’s Free Plan

Manage your websites and servers with Moss’s Free Plan

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When we started Moss we had a clear objective in mind: Help developers create and deploy their websites reliably and easily. Let them focus on their job while Moss takes care of server configs, zero-downtime deployments, and everything required to have a robust and secure setup without the sysadmin hassle.

Today, we think we’re one step closer to such goal. We’ve updated the price plans of Moss so that most teams can have access to it regardless their budget. Yes, we’ve released a Free Plan you can use to manage all your servers and sites. Once you’re getting enough value from Moss and your requirements go up, you can upgrade to a paid plan.

At the moment, all plans provide the same set of features. They differ on just three variables:

  • The number of 3rd-party accounts you can link with Moss. The rationale here is that the more integrations you have, the more time you save thanks to Moss.
  • The number of zero-downtime git deployments you perform per month. The more often you deploy, the more value you get from Moss (and, at least in theory, the bigger you are in terms of budget).
  • Customer support. Some users just need our Help Center. Others require more personal interactions.

So we’ve packaged four plans that should fit many use cases. We hope at least one of them fits yours, and we’d love to get your feedback on the subject.

If you don’t have an account yet, sign up free and give Moss a try.

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