Web server freezes

If all the sites of a server stop responding, a bug in OpenResty 1.13 might be affecting your server. Learn how to fix it from Moss.

NOTE: This only applies to servers on which Nginx (OpenResty) was installed before May 16, 2019 and the package hasn’t been upgraded since then.

If your web server stops working suddenly, i.e. all sites it host stop responding, most likely you’re being hit by this bug in a previous OpenResty release (1.13).

Basically, a deadlock may happen when the garbage collector is triggered after the affected function has acquired a lock on shared memory. If this occurs, the web server freezes.

The fix just involves upgrading to the latest OpenResty version. To solve the issue, just log into Moss and:

  1. Head to the affected server
  2. Click the Software tab
  3. Set Up Nginx from there