What’s a workspace in Moss?

Workspaces are collections of related servers and sites on which a team works. Moss arranges your infrastructure in workspaces so that you can keep everything grouped and under control. E.g. you may create a workspace per client, per application, or per application environment (staging, production, etc). You decide the arrangement that better fits your needs. Furthermore, you may add teammates (developers) to a given workspace but not others.

The left-side panel shows the list of workspaces in your organization. In case you’re a developer – i.e. not the admin of the organization – you’ll only see the ones you belong to. The admin can create new workspaces at will.

When you select a workspace, you get an overview of the servers and sites it contains.

The admin of the organization can rename and delete any workspace.

In addition, the admin can manage the workspace in terms of:

  • the cloud providers that can be used in the workspace;
  • the users that belong to the workspace, i.e. the ones with access to those servers and sites;
  • and the notification settings of the workspace.

What’s next?

Now that you know what a workspace is, it’s time to take a connect servers to Moss.