What’s an organization in Moss? Things you can do organization-wide

The signup form asks you for a Moss URL: this is the URL where you and your teammates will log into your own organization.

E.g. the users of the organization ACME Inc would log into or alike, but not into unless they also have an account in such organization.

As the admin (the one that creates the organization in Moss), you can manage all organization-level configs. You can reach this section by clicking Organization in the dropdown menu at the top right corner. From there you can:

  • Manage your subscription to Moss
  • Get a referral link so that you can earn credit in your account by promoting Moss among your friends and followers
  • Check the usage of the monitoring service in the current billing cycle
  • Manage the integrations with 3rd party tools and providers
  • Invite teammates to join your Moss organization
  • Manage your billing data and download your invoices

What’s next?

Now let’s take a look to your account in Moss.