Add a Vultr credential to let Moss launch new servers

In this article you’ll learn how to create a credential in Vultr to authorize Moss to launch new servers on your behalf.

In the following we assume that you already have a Vultr account. If this is not the case, please sign up at Vultr (affiliate link) in first place.

How to get a credential from Vultr

1. Log into the Vultr console

2. Go to the ‘Account’ section (left menu)

3. Click the ‘API’ tab

4. Click the ‘Enable API’ button

5. Allow any IPv4 address to use your Personal Access Token by clicking the button ‘Allow All IPv4’

After confirming that you want to perform this action, the access control section will look like shown in the following image:

6. Copy the content of your ‘API Key’

How to add the Vultr credential in Moss

The admin of the organization can add a new integration in different places throughout the web application, e.g. while adding a server, enabling/disabling integrations in a workspace, or managing the integrations at organization level (as in the following screenshot):

In any case, click New integration and provide the following inputs:

  • Name of the credential in Moss. This is how you can distinguish among different credentials. Examples: my-client-name, [email protected], etc.
  • API Key. Paste the content of the API Key you got in step 6 of the previous section.

Finally click Create.

What’s next?

You’ve integrated Vultr! Now you can launch a new server on Vultr right from Moss.