Site cron jobs

Manage and schedule site cron jobs from Moss

Some frameworks rely on your server’s cron to allow you to run your code at specific times. You can manage these site-specific cron jobs from Moss at the Cron Jobs tab of your site.

The Laravel’s scheduler is a good example of a site cron job. Setting it up in Moss is easy:

  • Command:
php /home/<site-user>/sites/<your-site-name>/current/artisan schedule:run > /dev/null 2>&1 
  • Schedule: Every minute 

Note that your site cron jobs run as the user of your website (site-user) and that Moss makes sure that the right version of php (the one your site uses) is the one being invoked 😄

Of course, you can edit or delete these cron jobs at any moment right from Moss.