Powerful droplet management

The elegant simplicity of DigitalOcean and the functionality of Moss allow you to rest easy knowing that your servers are under control. Link Moss to your DigitalOcean account with a single click and enjoy all the things Moss can do on your behalf :-)

  • Keep your droplets secure

    Moss sets up firewall rules for your web servers, properly configures ssh, automatically applies security updates, and issues Let's Encrypt certificates.

  • Set up and deploy your websites

    Moss deals with the config for your websites so that you don't have to worry about it. WordPress, Laravel, Symfony, and more are all supported out of the box. In addition, Moss allows you to deploy your websites without downtime with a single click or automatically after 'git push'. Take advantage of our GitHub and Bitbucket integrations.

  • Zero-config monitoring and alerts

    Moss continuously checks that your servers and websites are doing well. Get notified via Slack or email whenever your resources are down, under pressure, or have been updated.

  • Collaborate with your team

    Moss helps you collaborate with your teammates by giving them restricted access to your servers. Let them work on your websites without messing up with server configuration.

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