Changelog 2019-09-27

Changelog 2019-09-27

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In addition to using SSH Keys to log into your servers, now you can also use traditional passwords in a secure way. We’ve also redesigned the operation log and released lots of minor UX/UI improvements.

Please find the list of changes below.


    • Much improved operation log
    • The list of operations includes the avatar of the user that triggered each of them
    • Changing the server user that runs a site is now another action under the drop-down menu of the site (instead of a “special” action outside such menu)
    • A few minor bug fixes and several usability improvements


    • Server users can have a password. Either create the user with a password, or enable it afterwards, change it, or disable it
    • Support of fail2ban


    • Bug fix: Use appropriate OpenResty package repository in all supported Ubuntu releases
    • Bug fix: Let’s Encrypt now uses HTTP/2 (HTTP headers are lower-case) and a 3rd-party script (dehydrated) assumed capitalized headers. We’ve patched such script.

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