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I can help you manage your servers securely and deploy your applications without downtime for free. Upgrade to a paid plan when you require additional integrations, monthly deployments, or support.

Moss Free
Forge Hobby Forge Growth
Price per month $0 $12 $19
Servers Unlimited 1 Unlimited
Sites Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Teammates Unlimited --- ---
Git Deployments 25/mo Unlimited Unlimited
Zero-downtime deployments --- ---
Push to deploy
PHP versions 5.6, 7.x 7.x 7.x
Multiple PHP versions per server --- ---
Node.js support --- ---
Custom user per app --- ---
Queue workers
Let’s Encrypt
Crontab editor
Git Providers GitLab, GitHub, Bitbucket GitHub, Bitbucket GitHub, Bitbucket
Support Help Center Email Email

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Concerned about security?

I only install the software required for the server, therefore minimizing the attack surface. I also set up firewalls, security updates, permissions and SSH/SFTP access.

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